The Northwest suburbs of Chicago provides Golden Oaks with the perfect location to reach out and educate local consumers on where their dairy products come from. Each year, Golden Oaks hosts field trips for several hundred school children, ranging from Kindergarten to High School. Private or  weekend tours are also available for families, Scouting Groups, Boys & Girls Club, etc.

Tours can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2+ hours long, depending on your needs and schedule. Additional activities, workshops and programming in areas of farm business management, soil science, butter making, dairy products evaluation, sustainable agriculture, and composting can also be arranged.

During each tour, you will get the chance to see the cows in their daily environment, tour the milking parlor, pet a baby calf, and of course, enjoy some delicious chocolate milk!

For more information regarding tours or to arrange for group tours such as scouting groups, school field trips, or other organizations, please contact Jamie at



Wauconda Township Seniors- July 31, 2013