Clinton County Classic – March 25
HFB10740 Golden-Oaks U Chardonnay-ET
Golden-Oaks U Chardonnay-ET (VG-85 VG-MS 2Y)
Bred 9/29 to Sexed Solomon
Dam: Golden-Oaks Atwd Charla-ET (EX-93)

Clinton County Classic – March 25
HFK55896 Duckett SA A Fortune-ET
Ducket-SA A Fortune-ET (EX-92)
Her VG-87 Golden sells due 9/1 to Sexed Crush

Clinton County Classic – March 25
HFK55895 Siemers Expld Margarita-ET
Siemers Expld Margarita (EX-92)
Selling her milking Shotglass daughter due to Hotline

Quest for Success III – March 31
HFB10736 Golden-Oaks Atwd Chance-ET
Golden-Oaks Atwd Chance-ET
Dam: Golden-Oaks Dur Champ-ET (EX-94)

PDCA Calf Sale – April 1
HF36028 Budjon-JK Abslt Endorse-ET
Budjon-JK Abslt Endorse-ET (VG-85)
Her December Diamondback daughter sells

The Equinox Sale – April 6
HFB10739 Golden-Oaks Octane Alea-ET
Golden-Oaks Octane Alea-ET — +3.16 PTAT
Dam: Ms Apples Aria-ET *RC (EX-92)