Golden-Oaks Champ Rae_Web500

Golden-Oaks Champ Rae-ET EX-93 3E

8th Generation EX Roxy 

6-04  3x  365  41,590  4.1  1714  3.0  1240

Dam of 17 Excellent & 15 Very Good daughters to date

EX and VG milking daughters by Durham, Goldwyn, Sanchez, Atwood and Aftershock
Exciting heifers by Atwood, Goldwyn, Gold Chip, Lauthority, Hero, Goldsun, Windbrook, Aftershock

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Sire: Calbrett Champion
Dam: Scientific Beauty Rae (EX-90 DOM)
Grandam: Scientific Jubliant Rae (EX-90)