About Us

Golden Oaks was established in 1948 by the Crown Family of Chicago. The farm is located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, about 45 minutes from O’Hare Airport and 2 hours from Madison, WI. Each year we host not only numerous dairy enthusiasts, but also several hundred local students who are eager to learn about the dairy industry.  Here at Golden Oaks, we strive to efficiently and profitably produce both a quality dairy product and superior cattle genetics while maintaining the integrity of agriculture in a suburban setting.

We are currently seeking qualified candidates for our summer internship! Click here to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Midwest Spring Show highlights

The Midwest Spring Show was held in April and we are very excited about our string’s results!

Golden-Oaks All That As-Red
Golden-Oaks All That As-Red
1st Summer Yearling & Reserve Junior Champion, Midwest Spring R&W Show
2nd Summer Yearling, Midwest Spring Holstein Show

Jacobs Goldwyn Chase-ET
3rd Fall Yearling, Midwest Spring Holstein Show

Jacobs Absolute Milou-ET
5th Senior 2-Year-Old Cow, Midwest Spring Holstein Show

Miss Pottsdale DFI Tang-Red
4th Senior 2-Year-Old Cow, Midwest Spring R&W Show

Golden-Oaks Absolute-Red
1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Midwest Spring R&W Junior Show
Exhibited by Molly & Montana Sarbacker, WI

Mapel Wood RR Radiance-Red
3rd 4-Year-Old Cow, Midwest Spring R&W Show

Tag Sale Success

Thank you to everyone who purchased animals through our Tag Sale this spring and congratulations to the new owners who have already had great successes!

Golden-Oaks Hero Chane-ET
Purchased by Frank & Diane Borba and Frank & Carol Borba, CA
1st Junior 2-year-old, Intermediate & Grand Champion, CA State Holstein Show

Oeh-My Dickey Eden
Purchased by Brandon Almeida, CA
1st Unfresh Junior 2-year-old, CA State Holstein Show