About Us

Golden Oaks was established in 1948 by the Crown Family of Chicago. The farm is located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, about 45 minutes from O’Hare Airport and 2 hours from Madison, WI. Each year we host not only numerous dairy enthusiasts, but also several hundred local students who are eager to learn about the dairy industry.  Here at Golden Oaks, we strive to efficiently and profitably produce both a quality dairy product and superior cattle genetics while maintaining the integrity of agriculture in a suburban setting.

We are currently seeking qualified candidates for our summer internship! Click here to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Illinois State Show Highlights

HF38263 Miss Pottsdale Dfi Tang-Red

We’d like the share our exciting results from the 2017 Illinois State Holstein Show.

Alexia is the breed’s newest EX-95

HF38310 Cleland Advnt Alexia-Red-ET

We are pleased to announce that Cleland Advent Alexia-Red is the breed’s newest EX-95 with an 97-pt mammary!

2-time Unanimous All-American Red & White and ready to make another run in 2017!!

Congrats to Alexia’s breeder, Jason Cleland!